Our Vision

To become most preferred and best in class garments supplier in Asia by our valued clients around the globe !

Our Mission

To become a leading and best in class garment house through
- Delivering consistent quality and on time delivery
- Demonstrating highest level of professionalism and commitment
- Building solid and trustworthy partnership with World class brands
- Delivering at least 25% growth in net turn over in every year !

Our Values

Our responsibility....

  • is to our clients who let us keep on moving.
    • We ensure right price, right quality and on time delivery.
    • We believe in building long term valued business partnership.
  • is to those who work with us
    • We recruit and retain right people in right position.
    • They must be educated, experienced, capable and ethical.
    • We treat them with dignity and fairness.
  • is to our supplier
    • To build partnership through mutual trust and respect.
    • We Work together in delivering common goals.
  • is to our Shareholders
    • Business must make sound profit with reasonable growth in every year.
  • is to the community and the country we are doing business
    • We contribute for the community through creating new jobs.
    • Generating more foreign currencies thorough more exports.


  • In a typical supply chain, before a product reaches the store-shelf, it involves approximately 98 different entities, hundreds of work packages and thousands of individual activities. It’s understandable that uncertainties are quite common, things can go out of hand and every intersection can be a challenge unto itself. We call all these collectively as surprises, and we work to eliminate them. Surprises can be really bad for your business and often defines the difference between success and failure.
  • Once you have placed an order with us, we make sure, you remain in control; you have single-click information of the package as it moves from one activity to the next gathering value in the process. We ensure information are real time and surprises are at their minimum.
  • At Montreal Collection, we understand the value of time and information while the all-important value chain is concerned.
  • That is why, we call ourselves value managers; we generate efficiency and value for your operations- every time and whatever the circumstances.

Contact Person

  • Zahirul Haque

    Tell : +88 02 8414043-4
    Email : zahirul@mcl-bd.com